Greetings My Dear Sisters In Christ!


Sharon Moore Purple Top 

I am truly excited about this year’s retreat! It is definitely going to be one that you don’t want to miss! It’s the Silver Anniversary for SISTERS! That’s right, this wonderful ministry, is turning 25 years old this year! There are awesome testimonies that have emanated from this awesome annual gathering of women which was initiated through the vision of Rev. Marilynn Robinson. This ministry has grown in number and in spirit, with each round going higher and higher over the years! I’m especially excited because God has spoken our theme for 2017; we are “SISTERS Celebrating God’s Goodness!” My Sister, we are going to have “Celebration Spirit Sessions” and a Thank God For The Journey room waiting for you when you arrive on Friday from 2:00 PM-5:30 PM. There will be an opportunity for women to win prizes and fellowship during the Thank God For The Journey: Welcome, Fellowship & Fun Room.

At this 25th Anniversary Retreat, we are welcoming back Dr. B (Brenda L. Caldwell) on Saturday morning for a plenary session that all women can attend! She will be speaking to us from the subject, “Celebrating Sanity, Despite Calamity!” Later that morning, we will experience Spirit Sessions that emphasize celebration and during the afternoon, we will also have Special Focus Spirit Sessions that will be split into 5 categories of choice for us! Oh my Sisters, we are expecting a rich time in the Lord!

Make sure you register early! We look forward to great participation and want to see everyone there for this 25th Silver Anniversary Retreat! We are ready to receive you and are trusting that this will be an unforgettable experience and God will minister to each of us in an intimate way at this year’s Retreat! I can’t wait to welcome you and bathe in the reality of the necessity of “Celebrating God’s Goodness!” God bless you, I love you, but Jesus loves you best!


In Celebration,


Rev. Sharon D. Moore