Our Ministries

Our Pastors have led us under the thematic banner of “Ministering to Memphis – Spirit, Soul, and Body!” The theme is captured symbolically by the flame, the light, and the water in our church’s logo. But most importantly, the theme is functionally actualized in our “works;” in major program development in family life enrichment, childcare services, academic skills enhancement, economic development, and supplemental food and clothing provision. Our 7-day-a-week church offers licensed pastoral counseling, preventive health services, aerobics and healthful living ministries, multi-sport athletics, visual arts, fellowships for seniors, women, men, singles and married couples; and acclaimed multifaceted youth programs. Recently, a very complimentary editorial in The Commercial Appeal noted our annual Labor Day provision of 1400 pairs of free tennis shoes this year to children in Memphis/Shelby County!

Under the leadership of our Pastor and Co-Pastor, St. Andrew has transformed our historic site into one with an up-to-date infrastructure, and contemporary telecommunications and technological capabilities. We have also purchased and developed both a 33,000 sq. ft. inner-city Community Life Center – housing a full complement of community outreach staff, a computer/learning center, and a gymnasium - and a 4.5-acre, secluded, urban site as the church's Recreation and Retreat (R&R) Center. Our R&R Center has a walking/jogging track, sports field, basketball court, picnic facilities, playground and exercise equipment, a fishing pond, paved parking areas, a home-style lodge with kitchen facilities, and a 1600 sq. ft. multipurpose building.

To complement our congregational ministry at St. Andrew, Pastor Robinson founded and is the Past President and CEO of The Works, Inc., our associated, faith-based Community Housing Development Organization. The Works is blessing many families and transforming our neighborhood, through the development of 33 affordable single family homes and an 80-unit apartment community, funded, in part, by $3.6 Million of Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits. The Works also sponsors The Circles of Success Learning Academy (COSLA) – St. Andrew’s associated K-5 public charter elementary school, innovatively targeting children deemed to be at risk of failure in mainstream, traditional classroom settings. Indeed, with two associated corporations, over 50 congregational and outreach ministries, a workforce of 80, and $20 Million of community development, we are a fairly unique faith-based enterprise!

Today, our members represent a huge cross-section of our area’s residents – coming from suburban East Memphis, West Memphis, Arkansas and North Mississippi, as well as from revitalized downtown communities, and the urban South Memphis neighborhoods surrounding the church. We are from all walks of life, with tremendous professional and economic diversity – all committed to “Ministering to Memphis – Spirit, Soul, and Body!”